• Multimeter MM 40 +

Crison Multimeter MM 40 +

Ergonomic and robust instrument, IP67 waterproof; resistant to harsh working conditions. The most fl exible equipment: one instrument and one sensor for the simultaneous measurement and visualization of four different parameters.

Two sensors designed to work exclusively with the multimeter MM40+. Sensors suitable for agriculture: irrigation water, industry: waste water or process water, education: schools, etc.

Using the sensor 5048 the instrument measures simultaneously pH, EC, redox (ORP) and temperature. Connecting the sensor 5059P, MM40+ converts in pH, EC, TDS and temperature meter.

The carrying case includes all necessary accessories to ensure accurate measurement. Instrument can be seated at an angle for convenient viewing of the display; sensor and the calibration fl asks are held on upright position for easy calibration and measurement

Multimeter MM 40 +

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